Milošev Do is heaven for all enthusiasts of:
untouched nature, mountain climbing, hunting and fishing, bird watching, cycling, extreme skiing, traditional cousine, desserts and sea food specialties, medicinal herbs, cultural heritage

- Where Are We -

The mountain village Milošev Do is located in south-western Serbia, on the western slopes of the mountain Jadovnik, one of the most beautiful, attractive and pristine mountains of Serbia. Milošev Do is just 15 kilometers from the closest towns Prijepolje and Sjenica, and 25 kilometers from Nova Varoš.

Svičević House, Milošev Do

- Mountain Jadovnik -

Mountain Jadovnik is surrounded by villages and is easily accessible from all sides, the easiest from the north via village Milošev Do, with hamlets Svičevići, Gvozd and Prisoje. From the top of the mountain Jadovnik there is a broad panorama with a view of mountains Prokletije, Bjelasica, Durmitor, Ljubišnja, Golija and Zlatar.

- Milošev Do -

Milošev Do is situated mid-way on the regional road Prijepolje – Sjenica in a spacious valley cut across by the Mileševka River. To the north, Milošev Do borders on a stone massive formation Ćetanica at elevation exceeding 1,300 meters above sea level, covered with dense pine tree forest and made of versatile formations of limestone relief. Hamlet Svičevići sits under one of the tops of Jadovnik, Kozomor - 1,670 meters, and highest top of Jadovnik is Katunić, elevation 1,734 meters.

The Mileševka River Canyon and the White Angel fresco of the Mileševa Monastery

On the lower end of the hamlet the river enters a canyon, one of the most attractive and fascinating canyons in the Balkans. (In its course through Milošev Do, the river is abundant in wild trout.) The Mileševka runs by the medieval town Mileševac and the Mileševa Monastery, and further downstream in the town Prijepolje it empties into the river Lim.

Jadovnik is a pristinely preserved natural mountain, abundant in flora and fauna, free of pollution and signs of urbanization. Thanks to favorable climate and geologic features it is a priceless treasure of health, and the population of the region is well known for longevity, many living to be a hundred.

During summer months the mountain becomes adorned with plants and flowers of all colors. It offers an abundance of medicinal plants (milfoil, thyme, sallow, St. John’s wort, crocus, daphne), as well as forest products (porcini, forest strawberries, blueberries, rose hip, wild pear, juniper, wild raspberry, hazel). The famous endemic spruce Picea Omorika also grows in the vicinity of Milošev Do.

Nature enthusiasts have built a feeding site for wild animals, therefore visitors can see rabbits, fox, wild boar, martens, badgers, chamois, brown bear and other wildlife. The greatest pride of the whole region, thanks to the hard work of biologists – ornithologists and enthusiasts, is certainly the recovered colony of griffon vulture, eagle that was on the brink of extinction.

Flora and fauna

Griffon vulture and its natural habitat

The exceptional natural conditions and unique scenery certainly offer a rare tourist attraction and an ideal place for relaxation and recreation on the slopes of the mountain Jadovnik. The mountain features more than 30 km of marked mountain hiking tracks. Cyclists can enjoy two cycling tracks: one lighter and less demanding, 15 kilometers long, and another more demanding about 30 kilometers long. Those who enjoy extreme skiing will have plenty of snow to enjoy, in winter it can be a couple of meters high.

- Tours -

In the direct vicinity there are numerous sites worth visiting within a day trip: the river Sopotnica, the pearl of the mountain with picturesque waterfalls; monasteries Mileševa, Kumanica, Davidovica and the medieval town – fortress Mileševac; as well as the lakes on the river Uvac.

- Konak - Apartments -

In Milošev Do, visitors can find accommodation in the boarding home of the well-known businessman in the hospitality business, Jezdimir Svičević, offering: 4 modern and fully furnished apartments (2x2 and 4x2) with full comfort and floor heating. Each apartment has its own entry, a furnished kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms with toilets and shower, and balconies featuring a view of the beautiful mountain scenery. 

Apart from the natural attractions, the visitors staying at the house of Jezdimir Svičević can enjoy a richly diverse menu offering tested specialties of traditional cuisine (home-made bread, rich cream kajmak, ham and roast meat, smoked trout and carp, traditional folk dishes, home-made brandy, wine, desserts), along with an unbelievable offer of sea-food (sea fish, lobster, octopus, squid).



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- Mali raj - Mljet -

Back in 1977 Jezdimir Svičevič with wife Marija started a family business in a traditional “konoba” restaurant in the island of Mljet. The restaurant „Mali raj” is located on the very coast of the Great Lake in the settlement “Babine kuće” within the national part. The Svičević family offers its guests accommodation in luxury apartments and studios with a sea-view.

A view of the settlement “Babine kuće” and restaurant “Mali raj” with apartments

- “Konoba” restaurant -

The restaurant, on the very coast, offers gastronomic pleasures in form of specialties made of fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, including: fresh lobster, fish, shellfish, squid or octopus cooked “under the lid”, shrimp with sauce and pasta, high quality fresh tuna, black risotto, salads, soups ... The exceptional enjoyment of Mediterranean cuisine can be accompanied with home-made brandy or a variety of local top quality wines. The offer also includes traditional national and international dishes, barbeque, and home-made desserts. The intense, imperial-like feeling is made complete with the friendly service willing to fulfill any wish of visitors.

Fresh tuna

The whole Great Lake (Veliko jezero) is surrounded with cycling tracks. At Mali raj you can rent excellent bicycles and enjoy a ride around the exceptional scenery along the coast.

You can opt for climbing the mountain tops of the island of Mljet or walking or hiking along the neat tracks to the settlements Polače, Soline or Pomena. The panorama site Montokuc offers a magnificent view of the whole Mljet National Park, the islands of Korčula, Lastovo and the Pelješac peninsula. Needless to say, you can swim in the pristine sea, with temperatures in summer months exceeding those of the open sea. Swimming in the Great Lake is beneficial for health (especially rheumatic and skin diseases and conditions) due to the richness in salts and minerals.

View of the Great Lake

From the coast of the Great Lake a tour boat will take you to the small island Sveta Marija to tour the monastery and the Romanic church dating from 12th century. A visit to Goveđari settlement will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy the surreal, picture-postcard beauty of the small Mediterranean place. Or, you can let yourself be lost in the legend which says that Odysseus got stranded on the Mljet rocks and discover the local Odysseus cave. In Mljet it is nothing unusual for a visitor to see the most luxurious yachts visiting the region famous for its sea beauty, a heaven for sailors and snorkelers. The nearby Pomena features a snorkeling centre, offering snorkeling equipment for rent and qualified instructors, even a small submarine.

- Accommodation in Mljet -

Apartments (size 31/33m²) have enjoyable spacious marble terraces with adjustable balcony awnings, bedrooms, and sitting areas furnished in a contemporary fashion, TV sets with “Total-TV” system, furnished and equipped kitchens, bathrooms with toilets and showers. The offer also includes 6 studios of 15m².

In the deep shade of the restaurant open garden, on the coastline, with the view of Sveta Marija, you can enjoy the master quality Mediterranean food, beverages, coffee, ice-cream, desserts. The hosts also offer additional options: bicycle and kayak rental, transport to ferries, laundry, Internet, etc.

The beach is about a hundred meters from Mali Raj, the post office is 550 meters away, and the shop 2 kilometers.

Apartments Mali Raj



Otok Mljet – Babine kuće 3, (Goveđari), south Dalmatia Croatia

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